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Pranayam & Koto (Traditional Breath & Sound Bath)

6 mai 2022 - 6 mai 2022

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**Friday May 6 **5.00P - 7.00P **$2500 per person Welcome to this unique setting of Japanese and South Asian traditional healing practices combined. Guided through a steady Pranayam class, perfectly complimented with the meditative sound of Koto (traditional Japanese instrument) we invite you to restore, reset and recalibrate all of your energy. This is a unique combination of traditional South Asian practice (Pranayam) and a complimentary meditative sound (Koto) that welcomes you into a sound and breath practice to harmonise. Restore, reset, release, nourish and recalibrate all of your energy. Come to relax, de-stress and unwind. Maki is a Japanese Artist and Facilitator with the special gift of being able to play Koto. Natalie is a British Indian Yoga Teacher who specialises in Pranayam, certified from India. Pranayam is the extension of life force energy. It is one of the eight elements of Yoga and the key to ancestral knowledge within all of us. You can expect a range of breathing techniques that will gently guide us through the various ranges of unpacking and revealing stored trauma in the body, emotions that need to be released. Koto is the national instrument of Japan, that has 13 strings with movable bridges. The sound and music it generates is the perfect way to transcend the mind into meditation.


2 500,00 JMD


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